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If you have been appointed the executor of a Will, then you are responsible for carrying out the wishes of the deceased.

At Herman Bersee Solicitors we often assist executors and administrators navigate the application process for grants of probate, letters of administration, and your obligations when acting. We are also experienced in conducting the administration of the estate on an executor or administrators’ behalf to reduce the stress and streamline the process.

An executor is one or more persons who have been appointed to carry a will into effect. An executor is required to carry out duties such as collecting all the assets and having them valued, pay any outstanding debts, arrange tax returns, arrange the funeral, apply for a grant of probate and distribute the estate according to the Will.

At Herman Bersee we also understand that wills do not always reflect a family’s wish at the time of the passing of a loved one. Where this occurs, it is important that you receive timely advice as to your rights and options.

Contested or disputed estates is a complex area of law. Whether you are an applicant seeking provision out of the Estate, seeking to protect provision which ahs been made for you where the will is being challenged, or an Executor dealing with a claim, we can provide qualified legal advice and representation.

If you would prefer assistance in administering an estate, or in challenging or defending a claim against a will please contact our experienced staff today at Herman Bersee Solicitors